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We gather that you found us, for one reason or another, because your business is subject to the growing influence of search engines. Most find us because they either need help getting found in oceans of search results. Or because a piece of bad press is causing undue headache and sometimes heartache (thank you rip-off report, sarcastically). Search engines have become very helpful, bringing the sum total of human knowledge to our fingertips. In that same light, they have also shaped the information we access - putting that which is popular and 'relevant' in front of our eyeballs, using a mathematical algorithm as a lens to view our universe. A lens that gives us sight to very few pieces of information amongst a galaxy of knowledge.

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  • Nothing draws a
    crowd like a crowd.

    — P.T. Barnum —

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Our passion is more than keywords and links, it's business and people.
Tell us your vision for what you'd like to make possible.
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